We all know that one of our most important civic duties is exercising our right to vote. We encourage all Young Republicans to vote in the March 1st primary and help us select the slate of candidates we want in the upcoming November 2016 general election. Immediately following the close of polls is another equally important duty for Republicans: Attending the precinct conventions. It’s simple, you just simply show up to your polling location after the close of polls on election day(whether you voted early or on election day doesn’t matter) and you will then be able to fully participate in the process. You can put your name forward to be nominated to attend state senate district conventions and eventually go all the way to state or even national convention. You will also be given the opportunity to propose any resolutions that you see fit to help shape the 2016 Republican Platform. We strongly urge all precinct attendees to submit the Texas Young Republican Federations’s platform to be adopted by the Texas Republican Party. The link to download the Texas Young Republican Federation’s platform can be found here.