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The Harris County Republican Party is the largest county party in the state of Texas with 1064 precincts and 1.9 million voters. To give you an idea of just how big this is, there are more voters in Harris County than in 26 other states. With a task this size, we rely on a strong grass roots that stretches to every corner of the county.

The County Party is independent from the State and National Parties. Every two years, the voters of Harris County elect a chairman during the Primary to oversee the operations of the organization. In addition within each precinct, a Precinct Chair is elected as their representative to the body of the Executive Committee which meets quarterly to discuss business, pass resolutions, and build the organization of the party. Due to the large size of the body, Precinct chairs are grouped by which State Senate District their precinct resides to better organize the communication and action within the party.

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