Julio Torres - Treasurer

Julio Torres

An immigrant established in Texas since childhood, and with a beautiful family of 20 years now, Julio represents beyond any doubt the classic life of a hard working individual living the “American Dream”.

Struggling to complete studies in Occupational Health and Safety at both San Jacinto College and The University Of Texas at Arlington, while at the same time with many difficulties providing his family with stability, and with the experience that comes with working the way up in the corporate ladder, Julio knows first-hand that the only way to succeed in life is to have dreams and work vigorously on them until they become a reality, without expecting anybody to do anything for you.

A very conservative Republican, Julio has an extensive record of community relations thanks to his work as founder and co-founder of several profit and non-profit organizations in the Houston area as well as in the Rio Grande Valley, solely focusing in assisting less privileged families and children. This, added to his professional experience as Health and Safety Specialist, and Environmental Specialist, where he has learned the responsibilities that come with working hand in hand with many government agencies, are tools Julio expects to benefit from and use, to promote The Houston Young Republicans organization and its conservative message.