Carl Jarvis is among today’s leading non-academic experts on American constitutional history.

He’s the author of The United States of Dysfunction, a book with a growing list of endorsements from figures such as Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute.

He’s been featured on national shows like Fox and Friends and the Dennis Miller Show, as well as many local shows across the country.

His talks—including “America’s Constitutional Crisis and What Ordinary Citizens Can Do About It”—show the simple changes we can make (without running for office) to restore “government of, by, and for the people.”

The United States of Dysfunction looks at how our political system became such a mess and what can be done about it. The book’s unique approach to American political history is transforming how people think about – and engage – the American political process.

Today America stands at a crossroads… and our country is running out of time.

According to recent Rasmussen polling data, 53% of Americans don’t believe that either political party represents their interests. 37% of Americans fear the federal government. And only 29% believe that their representative in Congress deserves reelection.

Yet we continue to elect the same people over and over. And we continue to allow government to seize more power, and more control over our lives.


The United States of Dysfunction looks at the history of how this crisis developed and what can be done about it.

Even if you’re totally disgusted by American politics today, you’ll find real solutions to the problems we face.

Get The United States of Dysfunction… and protect yourself from the endless lies used to manipulate your political views.

Discover what we can do to turn the tide and restore freedom – before America crosses the point of no return.